Finding the a light fixture that you love is hard enough. Once you narrow down your search, how do you know that the final choice is the right scale for your space? Take it a step further, how high should you hang your fixture?

Did you know that there's some really simple math that can give you the confidence to finally buy and install that new light? This blog is going to give you all the tools you need.

What Size Light Fixture Will Look Best?

First, we need to learn the fundamentals. Sometimes I will intentionally break the rules for extra impact but we need a common understanding of the rule before stepping outside the boundaries.

A general rule for choosing the size of your light is adding the length and width of the room in feet. Then once you have your number, change the feet into inches and you have an approximate diameter for your light.

Many dining rooms are 12ft by 12ft. So if we did the math for this standard room, we would add 12 + 12 = 24. A good diameter for the light would be 24 inches.

Another consideration for a dining room is the width of your table. Generally, you want your light fixture to be 12" less the width of your table. So for a table that's 40" wide, the light shouldn't be larger than 28" in diameter. This not only applies for the sake of scale but also practically as you never want a guest to hit their head while leaving the table.

This same rule of 12" difference also applies to pendant lights over an island.

How High to Hang Your Light Fixture

For areas with high traffic - like entryways, hallways, and areas with a ceiling fan - it is best to keep lights with at least 80" of clearance as this is the standard height of doorways.

If you have 10 foot ceilings you can actually get creative with your hallway lighting using pendants or light fixtures that drop down. Whereas with a 8 foot ceiling you are typically limited to flush-mount or semi-flush lighting.

Now there's some more simple math you can use when it comes to chandeliers. For example when you have a chandelier over a dining table, the general rule is 30 to 36 inches off of the table surface. Most tables are about 30 inches from the floor so this means you want the bottom of your light to sit at about 65 inches from the floor in a home with 8 foot ceilings.

In homes with taller ceilings, it is recommended you go up about 3 inches per extra foot of ceiling height. The reason for this is that it visually opens up the space and keeps everything in balance. So in a 10 ft. ceiling you may hang your light 66 to 72 inches from the floor instead.

Lighting Options for Your Home

Now that you're all set to find the right light for your space, here are some beautiful options for any space in your home!

  1. Anthropologie $198

  2. Wayfair $206

  3. Scout & Nimble $338

  4. CB2 $349

  5. Circa Lighting $393

  6. Pottery Barn $399

  7. Wayfair $413

  8. Rejuvenation $449

  9. Circa Lighting $1,159

  1. World Market $98

  2. CB2 $ 299

  3. West Elm $359

  4. Crate & Barrel $429

  5. West Elm $599

  6. CB2 $599

  7. Serena & Lily $898

  8. Circa Lighting $2,099

  9. Lumens $2,535 (I know the price tag is high on this one but it makes such a statement!)

You are now set to find and install that light fixture that your home needs. What other home design areas are you curious to learn more about? Comment below!



Spring time is always such a fun season for homes. Flowers begin to bud. Spring cleaning and organization bring some extra order. And retailers bring out all the soft white linens.

Spring also has been a busy season for us and now we have a number of clients at the point of installation. This phase of the design is always fun because the concept becomes a reality that clients get to enjoy.

This month's favorite item list is inspired by a lot of the items we've been using in client homes along with in my own home. When I first decided to start this "favorite things of the month" series, I wondered if I would run out of truly favorites to share.. But I'm quickly realizing that with the amount of research I perform each week for my job that this is an easy way to pass along some true gems on the market (and there's no shortage of options!).

  1. Velvet curtains $48 These curtains looks so luxurious because of the color and texture. Now, I'm still a big fan of Target curtains because of the affordability but these are another great option to add to your list. I bought these to go in the yellow monochromatic room at our Airbnb project and they bring the whole room to the next level.

  2. Full Focus Planner $49 I found this planner through a friend and let me just caveat with saying it is more expensive than your normal planner. While the price tag may not seem too shocking, let me be clear that it's only for a quarter. I first purchased it thinking it was an annual calendar but after using it for 3 months, I feel like no other planner compares. I'm totally hooked. The best features are the annual goal setting, the daily 3 important things and the paper quality. *Chef's kiss*

  3. Outdoor pillow $54 I mean these pillows are just beautiful! I bought them for our front rockers and I love how they use natural colors and are oversized.

  4. Soapstone puzzle $20 I've used this piece on a number of client built-ins and it looks like it's from West Elm or CB2. It has substantial weight and the finish is perfectly honed. I keep extras in my office closet just in case Target stops selling.

  5. Brass round mirror $400 This mirror is STUNNING. I just added it to our guest room with the roman clay walls and the brass contrasts the clay in such a rich way. Now, the mirror is an investment but the look matches the price tag!

  6. Checkerboard area rug $200 I was recently looking at a Lulu & Georgia magazine with a checkered rug and fell in love! Only issue was the cost that is over $2,000. I then went on a hunt for a more affordable option and found this guy. I'm dreaming about updating our primary bedroom to have more drama and think that this guy might be a part of that transformation. I love the bold pattern and the colors hues.

  7. Flush mount light fixture $400 With a husband that's 6'7, I'm always on the hunt for a pretty flush mount light. This one checks all the boxes and we also just hung it in the guest room.

  8. Scrunch table lamp $170 Guess what's back in style? Pleated lamp shades! If I'm being honest, I don't love all the pleated shades on the market but this one has the right mix of modern and materiality since it uses a fabric on the shade and the base. Definitely a statement piece!

  9. Art $30 I'm a big advocate of large art and I just had this specific piece framed in a 24x36 for a client. It's a versatile style that can go modern, Scandinavian or contrast a traditionally decorated space. Loved it even more in person!

That's the round up for this month! Let me know in the comments if there's specific categories of items you'd like to see in future months.



This month has been our most busy yet! Between the nine active projects, it's been a month of stretching and pushing creative boundaries. Often people ask if I only take clients with a specific style and one of the things I love the most about my job is exploring new styles that work for my clients' lifestyles.

One client I'm currently working with is renovating a house for an Airbnb. The most fun part of a rental is the design gets to be more bold and the goal is to be memorable. On the other side, there is a fine line between bold/fun and gimmicky.

The theme we've chosen for this new space is monochromatic color schemes for each room. It's going to be chic and photo-worthy.

With so many fun projects in the works, I thought I'd share some of my favorite items I've been sourcing this month. Many of the items are playful whether through color or form. Consider this your personalized, monthly catalogue for home decor!

  1. Green velvet headboard $800 Have you ever seen such a fun yet sophisticated headboard? This is the main element for the Airbnb primary bedroom and I cannot wait to share all the other green items it's paired with!

  2. Marble arch $30 We all fell in love with the marble chain links that grew in popularity a couple years ago and this is another great decorative piece for any table space. It's heavy and well priced from Target.

  3. Moon light fixture $300 This light is in my home and it's a conversation piece! It has modern lines and even the chain is substantial. We used this fixture to replace an old ceiling fan that was oddly positioned and utilized the chain to "swag" the placement.

  4. Wooden stool $170 Does it get more cute than this stool?? It's the perfect stepping stool for the bathroom or to have on hand for any out of reach cabinets. Who says that function and beauty can't collide..

  5. Textured pot $24 I'm always on the hunt for interesting pots and this one checks all the boxes. Reasonably priced and has that old world feel. It will instantly add charm to any plant.

  6. Towel ring $32 Often I feel like the little details are overlooked when it comes to a room update. In a space like the bathroom, you could buy a set of hardware from Home Depot or take the extra steps to infuse personality in the small elements like the towel ring. The bigger details will catch your guest's attention initially but as they wash their hands, they will be captivated by the thoughtfulness in each design decision.

  7. Faux fig branch $15 West Elm has the best silk stems. It's one of my favorite details to incorporate in client's decor because they can't kill it and the greenery brings so much life to the final space.

  8. Brass canister $12 This is another great find from Target! A trick I have when it comes to sourcing decor for built-ins or console tables is to not limit myself to just the home decor section of a store. I look in the kitchen and bathroom sections as well. This canister is actually for the bathroom but is an interesting piece for any area of the house. AND the best part is decor items are typically more affordable in other areas of the store too.

  9. Boucle armchair $400 I'm just in love with the shape and texture of this chair! It's original and cozy. Doesn't get better than that.

  10. Navy area rug $340 This piece is going in the monochromatic Airbnb as well and I'm in love with the color saturation that still feels mature. Sometimes it's hard to get color without feeling like the rug belongs in a kids space but this rug pulls out all the stops.

These are the things that have caught my attention this month and I can't wait to see what the next month holds!