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My Favorite Things This Month: January

New year, same series with some of my favorite things! This January has been busy with wrapping up projects and beginning new ones. It seems like the season of kitchen and bathroom renovations and we are here for it!

Below is one of the kitchen renovations we wrapped up in 2022 and we are in love with the color, hardware, backsplash combination.

Below are the favorite things on our list from client projects and personally. Buckle up, there are some good finds!

  1. Lamp with Gingham Pleated Shade $50 This lamp is from Studio Mcgee's line at Target! I love how it has that antique vibe while staying neutral enough to go in a number of spaces. We used this lamp for extra lighting in one of our kitchen updates as pictured at the beginning of this article. Extra lighting like this adds so much charm to a kitchen and this lamp is at a great price point!

  2. Chocolate Throw Pillow $59 We also used this pillow in a recent client entryway update and it's such a staple. The dark chocolate color look so luxurious and it comes with down insert.

  3. Plug-in Sconce $398 I love a sconce as an art piece for a wall! Since this is a plug in light, there are no restrictions on where it could be used... a hallway, near art, or in the bedroom. It's also substantially sized. We're already brainstorming designs that can incorporate this piece.

  4. Frame Easel $42 This easel is such a smart way to display art that isn't necessarily leaning or hung. It's great for a console table or a nightstand.

  5. Marble Side Table $249 This side table is so interesting in it's design that it reminds me of pieces Kelly Wearstler uses in her work. If you don't know Kelly, you're missing out (find her on Instagram, Architectural Digest or Master Class)! The table mixes up the traditional metal base with a marble top by switching the materials around -- and we're here for it!

  6. Decorative Brass Bowl $25 We love how perfectly patinaed this brass bowl looks. It gives any display that feeling of age and being well traveled. Plus you can own it for a steal of a deal.

  7. Art Print $229 We recently used this with one of our clients that is really into the schoolhouse style. It's a piece that brings energy to a space and lots of vibrant colors.

  8. Asymmetric Ceramic Vase $60 You never can have too many interesting vases! This vase would look amazing with a floral display or on it's own in some built-ins. I am always acquiring vases and want to add this one to my collection.

  9. Classic Trench Coat $79 As we look ahead to spring, I've been eyeing transitional coats and had to include this one from Mango. It's currently on sale and has all the perfect structure a good trench coat should. Plus it reminds me of Club Monaco jackets which is a high complement for the price point!




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