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My Favorite Things This Month: February

It's baby month at HMD! Our little man, James, has entered the world and our lives are so much better with him in it. While we are taking a little time off, I plan to pick back up again soon. BUT I couldn't help but share some of my favorite things still & take a wild guess what has been on my mind? This month's favorite things mainly focus on nursery decor, organization, and items with high texture.

You've likely seen our nursery pictured above as I've been sharing about the design process plus the organization. It's always fun to design within my own home as I feel the full freedom to trust my gut. See below for some of my favorite things from this space and other nursery friendly decor.

  1. Ottoman $100 This ottoman has all the perfect details for a nursery - fun shape, soft color palette, and a touch of wood without any hard edges. I also love that this could transition to other areas of the house.

  2. Shabby Dog Art $110 I think the sweetest part of a nursery is all the fun art that can be sourced. I love this sweet little dog and the framing that makes it feel sophisticated. The art could stand on its own, be mixed into a gallery wall, or layered on shelving (here's our blog on securing leaning art).

  3. Wooden Kiwi $34 How adorable is this little kiwi bird?? It's a mix of wood and brass and the perfect size for decorating built ins. For our nursery, I really wanted an elevated yet playful space and this accessory checks all the boxes.

  4. Vase $60 This vase is such a cool, archeological looking piece. I am always looking for pieces that look like they were sourced from around the world but I love that this vase can easily be purchased through CB2 (instead of having to go to Morocco!).

  5. Basket Changing Table $65 I know that changing baskets have been on trend recently and if I'm honest, I was on the fence initially. The reason I wasn't immediately sold was because it felt limiting in size and I didn't want rough edges around the baby. This basket is oversized and actually is a soft weave -- so I felt much more excited about this option. Since sourcing it, I've loved how it looks more finished than other changing tables especially since it's sitting on a painted built-in surface! My only warning is to let the product sit out for several days to fully flatten out.

  6. Brass Hardware $7 We did a gold hardware comparison from major retailers and this knob was our favorite. So naturally, I had to use it for this renovated space! I love how they look when paired up on a single drawer plus they provide a good amount of grip for soft close drawers too.

  7. Color Blocked Rug $698 This rug is a bit of a splurge but I couldn't get my mind off it after pairing it with the other colors in the space. It perfectly finished the design while also feeling like it could transition to other spaces in our house after James is more grown. An investment piece becomes worth it for me when I can see continuity across multiple spaces in my home.

  8. Sheepskin Rug $249 I'm a big fan of a sheepskin rug! They can be used on the floor or over a chair or draped over a bench. It adds so much texture and a level of chic-ness. Something to keep in mind before buying a sheepskin is the feel/texture. I've sourced sheepskins before that felt nappy or cheap and it sadly defeats the whole purpose.. This rug is so soft and has a rich color too.

  9. Boucle Chair $370 This chair is from Target and I love the look it gives for the price. It's not a glider so it may not be the best option for your nursery but it's a beautiful option for any space that needs a soft accent chair!

Hopefully you enjoyed some of this more nursery focused content and I promise to bring you favorite things in all categories for future months. Thanks for indulging this new momma's brain when it comes to all these finds!



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