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Creating A Clutter-Free Baby Room: 4 Nursery Organization Pillars

Setting up a nursery for your newborn can be a challenge, but planning and organizing it doesn't have to be difficult. With our four best nursery organization ideas, you can create the perfect clutter-free environment that’s safe, clean and calming for your baby.

Utilize Built-ins & Over-the-Door Organizers.

Taking advantage of every inch of space in your baby's nursery room is essential to creating a clutter-free environment. To maximize storage, utilize built-in shelving and over-the-door organizers to keep items organized and off the floor.

Whether it's in a closet or in the room, built-in shelves are perfect for categorized items that need easy access. In this nursery, the room is only a 10'x12' space so we opted for custom built ins surrounding the crib to add aesthetically pleasing storage of drawers and shelving. Over-the-door organizers also can help to store shoes, hats, socks, or anything else - without taking up valuable wall space!

Designate toy storage that's out of reach.

It’s important to keep your baby safe, but it’s also essential to have a clutter-free space. Designate a safe area that’s out of reach for toys and choose containers that are portable enough for easy transport if needed. Soft baskets can be used to store stuffed animals and blocks, while cubbies or bookshelves can hold larger items like diapers boxes, nursing pumps, or play mats.

This tip is also helpful for older kids to keep messes limited. If all of their toys are within reach, things will get dumped out even if there is no intention of playing with these items. By keeping items high or in an area that needs adult help to access, it will keep their play purposeful!

Invest in Nice Containers for Storage and Organization.

Investing in nice containers is the key to creating an efficient, organized space in your baby's nursery. Choose containers that fit properly and are of good quality, as this will make all the difference between a messy room and a clutter-free one.

Clear plastic bins and stackable drawers can be used to store items that won’t be used very often like seasonal clothes or larger toys. Having these containers as see-through also helps to remind you what's in the storage bin since you won't use it day to day. Fabric baskets or cloth bins are available for items that need to be accessed more regularly, such as diapers, wipes, blankets, or extra clothes. Lastly, consider investing in a diaper caddy for easy access throughout the room.

Use Wall Shelves & Hooks.

Wall shelves and hooks are great for storing and organizing small items that build on the room decor. Wall shelves with baskets are perfect for storing things off the floor and can be used for bigger items like stuffed animals or blocks. Hooks are a great way to hang diaper bags, coats, and anything that needs to be accessed on the go without taking up too much space. Both these solutions can help to keep the room clean and organized while still feeling personal yet clutter-free!

Organization becomes critical as the family expands. It helps keep some order but it doesn't have to come at the cost of remaining beautiful. At Hope Miriam Designs, we believe the best design marries function and beauty. Hopefully you feel empowered to organize your nursery by incorporating these 4 pillars!




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