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Designing the Perfect Boys Bedroom - Here's What You Need to Know

Designing a boys bedroom doesn't have to be an overwhelming task - in fact, it can be super rewarding creating the perfect space for your growing guy! With the right planning, you can decorate a boy bedroom in a way that is modern, stylish, and comfortable. Read this article to learn the key elements to consider when designing a boys bedroom.

01. | Pick Out the Right Color Scheme.

Choosing the right color scheme for your boys bedroom will be crucial to creating the right atmosphere. Consider if you want to keep it simple with a classic monochrome scheme or go bold with bright, cheerful colors. Start with the colors he tends to gravitate toward and try to create a room that fits his personality and/or temperament. Once you narrow down a couple winning options for the space it's always fun to include the little guy on the decision making process.

The room above was for a 3 year old boy with lots of personality and imagination. When given the option of light blue, muted green, and this energetic blue — he couldn't stop gushing over having a bright blue room! The wall color is Scanda by Sherwin Williams and is the perfect complement to all the other decor.

Below are a few other popular colors to paint a boys bedroom.

02. | Select Appropriate Furnishings and Decorations.

Once the color scheme for your little one is fixed, it’s time to start shopping for furniture. We like to take the approach of procuring larger furnishings that can age with the child. This doesn't mean they can't be playful but don't pigeon hole yourself into a really specific theme on the bed or dresser. Accessories, wall art, lighting, and pillows are where you can lean into themes or whatever is of interest to at the moment. These decor items can more easily switch out as the interests inevitably change.

03. | Invest in Storage Solutions to Keep Clutter at Bay.

Keeping organized and tidy can be a difficult task for any kid, which is why it’s important to find furniture that has plenty of storage space. Even when decorating with items like nightstands and bookshelves, prioritizing storage should always be of high importance for any kid bedroom design. Look for furniture with drawers and shelves. A bed frame with built-in shelving is also another great way to ensure everything finds its place. Investing in the right storage solutions will help your son keep their room looking neat and make it easier for them to clean!

In the picture above, we utilized acrylic wall storage that also could hold toys. It not only adds to the decor but makes matching "like" items a breeze while cleaning.

04. | Choose Fun Wall Art or Accessories to Encourage Imagination and Creativity.

Creating the perfect bedroom for your son shouldn't be serious all the time - it hopefully will evoke their desire to explore and imagine. When choosing wall art, look for styles that will capture their interests, like bright colors and shapes or fun sayings. If you really want to encourage their creativity, let them choose some accessories that fit their unique style or statement pieces such as a colorful rug or bean bag chair. These small touches will go a long way in creating an inspiring atmosphere where imagination can take over!

We love working on kids rooms because it allows the creativity to flow! In a design where you're able to pair functionality and fun — you know the ultimate kids room is bound to be the outcome.



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