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The Best Modern Boy Nursery Design Tips and Ideas

Designing a nursery for your little boy? Look no further! With the right touches and decorating tips, you can create a cozy and stylish boy nursery that's both modern and timeless. Read on to get inspired by some brilliant ideas for creating an amazing boy nursery space.

Choose a Color Palette.

When it comes to designing a modern boy nursery, the colors you choose are essential. Pick a color palette that reflects your style and create an ambiance that will be suitable for your little one. Some of the popular boy nursery colors are Down Pipe (F&B), Intrigue (BM), Light Blue (F&B), Puritan Gray (BM), Online (SW), and Moth Wing (SW) for a calming relaxed look. Don't be afraid to mix other colors in as well for a truly unique look!

In our boy nursery design, our main color palette for the walls was light blue — Online by Sherwin Williams — but we incorporated other colors through decor and a stunning color blocked rug.

Add Playful Features and Fun Touches.

Your little boy's nursery is a place of play and exploration, so make sure to add features that will spark their imagination. Toys, artwork, and comfy seating are all perfect additions for a modern boy nursery. You can also create a cozy corner by adding unique book storage and unique abstract art.

What really takes a nursery design to the next level is a good mix of elements that aren't just for kids. The design becomes much more modern when the art could live elsewhere in the house. What still makes the space feel like a nursery though is using decor with high texture and soft color tones. The right mixture of these design elements makes the space into a whimsical boy nursery.

Create an Organized Space for All of Baby’s Things.

Organization is key when it comes to creating a modern boy nursery. Consider features such as built-in shelves, dressers, and bins that can help create an orderly space without sacrificing style. Having enough storage will aid in keeping the nursery tidy, while making sure all of baby's things are nice and close. As your little one grows, they’ll enjoy having plenty of organizational tools to keep them on track throughout the day.

Our favorite idea that we incorporated into this little boy nursery is all the built in storage and drawers. The design intentionally sized the built-ins to fit a changing table and store all the diaper changing necessities in a concealed, convenient location.

Incorporate Smart Lighting Solutions.

Lighting plays an important part in setting the atmosphere of any room and a baby’s nursery should be no different. To create a modern look, consider installing dimmer switches or task lighting to help set a soothing mood in the nursery. Battery-operated wall lights are also great for accentuating artwork and provide much-needed visibility late at night for diaper changes.

There are so many fun lighting options on the market, take advantage of these smaller details to make the nursery playful yet functional!

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