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About HMD

Hope Miriam Designs (HMD) started as a dream for Hope to express her creative gifts and help others realize the potential of their homes. Hope's passion for design comes from her grandfather who restored antique furniture to their former glory and her parents who renovated homes since she was young.


Through Hope's MBA and past experience managing $50+ million annual revenue with Walmart, she is able to effectively and efficiently execute the design process from walk through to install.

Hope specializes on renovation projects as a Dallas interior designer that honor the home's character while adding a modern, moody interpretation.




If you are interested in becoming a client, go to the book online tab. Let us bring our interior design expertise to your space.



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Looking to update a space through construction? Let Hope Miriam Designs take the design to the next level and ease you through the process. This is our full service design offering and we will guide you from plans to install.

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Do you need help pulling together your space? Style and furnish service level includes design concept, space planning, procurement and installation of home decor. Hope Miriam Designs brings a curated, polished finish to every space.

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Smaller space or remote? This design level is for those that live outside of DFW or need a design refresh. The e-design service includes multiple design boards with links for furnishings and decor for you to self implement.



Tel: 479-270-9977

Dallas, TX

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