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What Type of Wallpaper is Needed for Bathrooms? 9 Options We Love

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Do you need special wallpaper for bathrooms? Long story short, not special just the right material. The reason for this is the moisture that builds up in bathrooms from steamy showers. This extra moisture in the air can cause your wallpaper to bubble or in the worst case build up mold behind the paper. If the wallpaper is for a half bath without a tub or shower then feel free to use any type of wallpaper.

So what wallpaper is best for bathrooms with a shower or tub? Ones that are moisture resistant or are made of vinyl. Many websites that sell wallpaper will at a minimum disclose the material make up and vinyl is the keyword you're trying to find.

In addition to choosing the right type of wallpaper, it is also important to make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated. Even the best moisture resistant wallpaper needs some help from a vent. The wallpaper is resistant not indestructible!

The reason I love using wallpaper in the bathroom is that it is such a small room that can handle an exciting design. One of my favorite podcasts, Dear Alice, always says that bathrooms are the pocket squares of your home. So don't be afraid to be bold! It's a smaller room that guests are bound to visit.

So in the spirit of creating more exciting bathrooms, I've listed 9 beautiful wallpapers that will work in a well-vented bathroom. Don't be afraid to have these installed on all four walls and let your personality come out!

1. Bentley-Jay: Wayfair

2. Feather Gold: Serena & Lily

3. Blue Terrene: Home Depot

4. Summerside: Serena & Lily

5. Berkeley White Geometric: Home Depot

6. Feather Flock Blush: Home Depot

7. Granada: Serena & Lily

8. Striped Hexagons: Wayfair

9. Bay Isle Home: Wayfair

Don't you just love that wallpaper is making a comeback? What wallpaper projects do you plan to implement in your home?




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