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Painting an Antique Chair for an Updated Look

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

This project was for one of my clients in Dallas in the hopes to restore a family piece. The client wanted to utilize furniture the held value yet give them an updated, eclectic look that matched her style (click to see the client's full reveal). This antique chair was the perfect element to incorporate because it has such an energetic fabric already and all that needed help was the wood perimeter. In order to avoid too much of a farmhouse look, we stayed away from chalk paints. We also didn't want the piece to look like it came from a flea market so we used a color that felt authentic to the era the piece was made.

The first step to updating the chair was to sand down the wood. Since we left the fabric, it was important to be careful around the area where the fabric and wood met. The sanding job wasn't perfect but I made sure to hit any spot that had peeling paint.

Then after sanding we painted with Retreat by Sherwin Williams and the paint type is the waterborne alkyd paint by Benjamin Moore. This is the same paint we used on our kitchen cabinets. We're seriously obsessed with this paint wherever we use it!

I did the edge painting with a smaller brush to ensure the fabric lining didn't get paint on it. It's all about the detail work on refurbishing antiques to make them look professional. See below for the final reveal and let us know your thoughts!




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