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Misconception: I Have to Buy All New Furniture to Hire a Designer

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

As a Dallas interior designer, I often get the comment that individuals are nervous to invest in a designer because they can't afford to replace all of their furnishings. I love responding to this fear because it gets to the heart of why I'm in interior design. The goal of hiring a designer should be to curate your home so it reflects your personality and embraces pieces that hold value to you.

This could mean investing in new furniture you absolutely love OR it could mean rearranging a room full of pieces you don't know how to pull together. Typically it's somewhere in between these two and we're trying to figure out what should go so we can replace items with more functional elements. I actually love when a client has art or family heirlooms that they want to incorporate in a space because it ensures that there will be sentimentality from the beginning.

A perfect example of a client who has an expansive collection of art and family heirlooms was the Bond Condo Project. Lacy had signed record albums, ornate family chairs and old tabletops that we repurposed on the wall. In some cases, we highlighted the art by stepping up the framing and in other cases we updated an antique chair by painting the wood frame. On top of all these updates, we also reupholstered chairs to a family dining set (click here for specific steps to reupholster a chair). It all depends on what you're comfortable adjusting to make these pieces work for the whole space.

What I loved most about working with Lacy on her condo is that she has an eclectic flare that gave the whole place so much energy. We were able to repurpose and update so many sentimental items which gave her home a unique DNA.

What furnishings do you own that hold the most value to you?




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