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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree With Faux Flowers

The holiday season is such a fun time to make your home extra festive. While some love the consistency of the same display each year, I personally love mixing up Christmas decor with unique, unconventional embellishments.

Last year while helping a client with her holiday decorating, we decided to step out with the theme of a floral tree and were overwhelmed by everyone's response. So if you're bought into this idea, I'm going to walk you through the process of selecting your faux flowers and how to incorporate them with your traditional Christmas decorations.

Brick fireplace decorated with a whimsical Christmas display. Tree to the side of the fireplace is decorated with disco ball ornaments and floral stems. Modern Christmas decor balances historic home character.

01. | Pick out florals that bring color variety and texture

You can find a wide range of florals at any craft store. For this project I sourced most of the florals from Hobby Lobby, Crate & Barrel, and Amazon.

While you are decorating a holiday tree, don't limit your options to winter florals or berries. One of the best ways to bring interest to your tree is focusing on pops of color and differing textures. For our tree, we wanted to use earth tones that complemented the flocked tree branches.

Since our florals were earth hues and dry textures, it was also important to mix in "wet" elements to create balance. To accomplish this we utilized disco ball ornaments and satin ribbon that caught the eye with their shimmer.

Christmas tree decorated with faux floral stems, satin ribbon and disco balls. Modern, sleek tree collar..

02. | Incorporate varying stem and floral lengths

The goal in using florals in your Christmas tree is to create whimsy and intrigue. A great way to accomplish this is by using a good mix of long and short faux flowers. Occasional florals that jut out help break up the triangular shape of the tree and create a natural, organic appearance. If you only use conventional Christmas decor, these moments of variation are more difficult to achieve.

The long, green amaranthus stems were sourced from Crate & Barrel as statement pieces where as some of the smaller stems were purchased on a budget from Amazon and Hobby Lobby. Make sure whenever you're sourcing online that you're taking measurements into consideration.

Another trick while placing the florals is sticking some stems further into the branches than others. During this process just make sure that none of the stem ends extend out the opposite side of the tree.

Disco, floral Christmas tree

03. | Don't get too literal with the floral theme

The biggest mistake you want to avoid is becoming too literal or narrow minded with the floral theme (or any decorating theme, really). Whether it's using one type of flower or a singular color group, the theme can start to feel kitschy instead of fresh.

I always over purchase decor before styling because sometimes you don't know what will look best until you start to play around with your options. For example, I was delightfully surprised by how the yellow desert florals looked in the flocked branches when executing this project. So, don't be afraid to experiment!


Disco ball ornaments (Crate & Barrel | Amazon)

Oversized florals (Crate & Barrel | Amazon)

Pampas grass (Crate & Barrel | Amazon)

Tree collar (Crate & Barrel)

Flocked Christmas tree (Walmart)

Is there any unconventional decor that you plan to incorporate in your Christmas display this season? Would love to hear what you're trying!




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