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How to Decorate a Coffee Table at Home

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Every living room needs a coffee table but how do you keep that coffee table interesting? Beyond interesting, how do you keep it functional without displaying all of your remotes? Today I'm sharing some of my favorite coffee table tricks and pieces with you!

How to decorate a coffee table at home has been front of mind as I recently helped a Dallas client redo her living room. She has a two year old and while the room needs to be functional for him, she also wanted it to be beautiful. Sometimes we assume that means we can only decorate with items that are indestructible but instead we took the approach of creating a display that is easily moved during play time -- hence the basket with handles in the first image.

As you scroll through the images below, you will see several coffee table displays I've designed for clients and many of them have similar elements. So what should you include as you decorate a coffee table at home? I like to use plants, coffee table books, a basket tray & candles as the basics.

Below you will find some of my favorite coffee table decor items right now. A tray helps group the decor items and greenery is always a good idea to bring life into the space. My favorite trick to decorate a coffee table at home is purchasing a decorative box that conceals remotes and lighters. Plus as an added bonus, you won't loose your remote quite as often!

Spring is a great time for cleaning but also to spruce up your decor. So go ahead and purchase a few new things now that you know what to display on your coffee table!




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