Green Murphy Bed in a Small Space

Updated: Sep 22

The Lake Highlands and Lochwood neighborhoods in Dallas, TX are as hot as ever which has produced a number of design projects with clients that want to maximize the space they already live in. This project focused on a small back room that was so odd in size that it became a junk room.

The room dimensions are 8ft x 14ft. So even your standard full size bed would feel too tight. What we decided to do to maximize the small space was add a twin sized Murphy bed with a built-in nightstand and closet. The closet in particular was strategic because now this room is considered a 4th bedroom to the house if the homeowners ever wanted to sell.

Since the room is smaller, I wanted it to pop from all the other bedrooms by adding a saturated color not only on the built ins but also on the walls. If we would've only had color on the Murphy bed, it would make the room feel even longer in shape by drawing the eye to the far side of the room.

The picture below was our starting place..

A Murphy bed ended up being the perfect solution for this space because if a proper bed frame would've been used, the room couldn't serve any other purpose besides sleeping. In the day and age of working from home, a wall bed creates the versatility that so many of us need with limited square footage. Below are more images from this transformation.

Do you have any rooms that need creative solutions? Hope this post helps you think outside the box for function and versatility!



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