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What Items Should be in a Thoughtful Guest Room

There's a lot that goes into a guest room. It needs simple design and details that are thoughtful. You want your guest to arrive at your home pleasantly surprised that it feels like a cozy getaway. So how do you turn your guest bedroom from just another room to a place you're proud to host? What items should be in a guest room?

Tip No. 1: Have the right furniture basics

At a minimum, your guest room needs a queen bed, two nightstands, two lamps & one place for sitting. Anything smaller than a queen bed won't sleep two guests comfortably so go ahead and trade up that full bed. A set of nightstands and lamps is also for the functionality of having two guests. There's nothing worse than arriving at a house where the guests quietly debate on who will get the side with the reading light.

It's also important to have either an accent chair or a bench. This last one may seem less important but the reason it makes the list is because you want your guests to be able to put on their shoes without sitting on the bed. Plus it's a nice perk that there is a place for two people to have a conversation that doesn't involve both parties sitting on the bed. These six items are the basics so before you go crazy on decor, make sure you have the essentials!

Tip No. 2: Plush throw pillows

I often have clients that don't want too many throw pillows on the master bed because it takes too long to make the bed each day. In the case of a guest room, a few extra throw pillows are actually an easy way to make the room feel inviting and cozy! This is a room that most likely won't be used on a weekly basis so the burden of making the bed is much lower.

As you pick out your pillows, also consider the type of fill of the inserts. Investing in down fill for the throw pillows will make the room feel plush as they hold a softer form. I also like to get one firm and one soft pillow for the guests to sleep on. This way, despite your guests' preferences, they will have more than one option when it comes to where they lay their heads.

Tip No. 3: Less is more

Don't pack your guest room with too many patterns or pieces of furniture. I personally love a white duvet cover because they can be bleached and it gives a crisp look to the space. Many guests rooms turn into the space where all the extra, hodgepodge furniture goes. While it's fine if you don't buy all new furniture for this space, just make sure not to pack in too much furniture. Keep the bed frame and dresser you already own and then buy nightstands that make the room feel more cohesive.

Tip No. 4: Luggage stands

Your guests will feel extra cared for if their luggage doesn't have to live on the floor for their short stay. No one wants to bend to the floor to pick out their pajamas at the end of the day so invest in thoughtful pieces like a luggage rack. Not only will your guests feel appreciated but they will feel like they are staying at a hotel.

Tip No. 5: Basic needs when traveling

When you arrive at a nicer hotel, what are some of the amenities you look forward to utilizing? Is it the multiple towels, the cozy robes or the nice shampoo? While this is not our expectation when we arrive at a friend's house, it's a good way to think while preparing for your guest's arrival.

Think through the things that are typically a hassle and meet those needs. Provide a phone charger that is already plugged in behind the nightstand. Put towels on the bed that are folded nicely so that your guests don't have to ask before showering. If you really want to go above and beyond, provide a plush robe, closet space for hanging clothes and some local goodies for your guests to take when they leave!

Bonus tip: Don't display any photographs with faces!

This is a tip I learned through staging. Whenever you're selling a house, a stager will recommend you remove any personal photographs so that the potential buyers can better picture the house as their own. While your house guests most likely won't purchase your home, it's a little odd to have pictures staring at your guest as they sleep/change/live from the guest room. If you have frames on the wall, add pictures of landscapes or art prints!

Overall, you want your guests to be relaxed during their stay and the best way to create that environment is a well designed guest room. With these five tips, you now know what items should be in a guest room. I believe that hosting is the best way to create memories and build deep friendships so go ahead and spruce up that abandoned extra room!




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