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What are the New Trends in Interior Design

A large part of working in interior design is identifying upcoming trends. Sometimes when we use the word "trend" it can have a negative connotation because it means it will eventually go out of style. Personally, I think the best designed rooms have a mixture of timeless staples and trends. If we avoided all trends then you would be left with a room with no personality.

In order to stay on top of trends, I'm always looking for inspiration from places like stylish restaurants to the internet. Like many, the best places for me to compile inspired moments is Pinterest and I actually created a board of design inspiration sorted by room type. This helps me catalogue ideas for future clients and helps me identify trend themes quickly.

So today, I'm sharing some recent trends that are showing up more often and are beautiful additions to any home.

Beige is back!

It's not uncommon for me to work with clients who tell me they need to update their tan walls with gray paint. First, let me say that these two color schemes aren't mutually exclusive. I love to mix gray with tan. There is something grounding about these colors and when they are paired well, they actually create a warm clean palette.

Hope Miriam Designs

So when I say that beige is back, what do I mean? Everything doesn't have to be gray and crisp white. It's also becoming popular to have kitchen cabinets that are beige instead of white. Using beige brings more warmth to the room that is immediately inviting. It doesn't have that new build look that feels sterile. This is not to say your white cabinets are out of style but it's also okay to use warmer, natural colors that felt taboo not that long ago.

Light and Dwell

Mixing antiques with modern

I love that we're seeing more bold decisions when it comes to mixing design styles. Buying a furniture set that's all mid-century modern feels one dimensional and dated while mixing styles feels dynamic and unexpected.

I personally love the challenge of mixing antiques with modern elements. There's something special about honoring an old piece yet giving it a modernized voice. Amber Lewis is the master of this trend and below is an entryway from one of her projects.

Amber Interiors

There is something eye catching about the antique side table contrasted with the modern, gold light fixture. They highlight the past and the future. The modern is shiny and eye catching. The table and the front door are grounding.

Hope Miriam Designs

Architectural hoods over oven ranges

A fun way to spice up the area above an oven range is a hood. Traditionally a metal wall mount hood is used or a hidden hood beneath cabinetry.

Recently, I've seen a lot of creativity in the space above the oven and I'm here for it! Take some of that attention away from the metal appliance and draw the eye upward.


Bria Hammel Interiors

Color commitment - walls, ceiling & door

This is by no means a new trend but it is popping up everywhere. The beauty of painting all surfaces one color is that it instantly makes a visual impact. For a while, accent walls were popular but to me it always felt like the room ran out of budget.

Is it a commitment to paint the ceiling, trim, walls and door all the same color? Yes. Yet this technique makes you feel like you've entered a whole other world.

The biggest thing to watch for while implementing this trend is your color choice. Natural lighting should be assessed as a room can easily feel dark or oversaturated . BUT when executed well, it's a choice that will get a reaction from each new person who enters the room.

A Glass of Bonivo

Chris Loves Julia

Have any of these trends piqued your interest? Would love to hear if you plan to execute any of the new trends in interior design in your home.




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