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Natural-looking Floral Christmas Tree & Dupes for the Materials

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Tis the season for festive homes and doing it on a budget! I'm sharing a Christmas install from a friend/client's home and giving links along with some dupes.

This friend of mine has the most beautiful fireplace/built in space. I wanted to capitalize on the cozy area by placing the tree where it will be seen right as you walk through the front door.

I also wanted to play with some decor that was a little outside of the norm when it came to Christmas decor. This client is bold and willing to take some risks so I bought a number of stems from Hobby Lobby and Crate & Barrel. Christmas trees are already so festive so I love the idea of making a unique, floral Christmas tree display! The thing I had to guard against the most was making sure it didn't feel like a tree meant for a window display and still felt natural in a living room.

While shopping for all the stems, I was looking for lots of texture instead of fabric florals. The stems that are made with plastic fibers seem to look more realistic which in turn makes the tree looks natural. I also tried to mix up the scale with some oversized faux amaranthus and baby sized disco ornaments.

Even though I wanted this tree filled with natural elements, we had to glitz it up with some satin ribbon, disco balls, and a brilliant gold star to top if off.

Let me know what you think about this new take on Christmas decor!

Christmas Decor Dupes

Disco Ornaments

Amazon $19.99 (set of 30) | Crate & Barrel $59.95 (set of 12)

Faux Amaranthus Stems

Amazon $5.99 | Crate & Barrel $24.99

Pampas Stems

Crate & Barrel $19.95 (set of 3) | Amazon $34.99 (set of 9)

Wood Bead Garland

Amazon $19.99 (13.6 feet) | Crate & Barrel $19.95 (6 feet)

What are you plans for Christmas decorating this year? Would love to hear about it below!




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