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My Favorite Things This Month: October

This is my fourth fall in Dallas but it's my first Texas fall experiencing temperatures below 75 degrees so consistently. Growing up in Arkansas, I associate October with cooler temperatures, leaves changing color, and a crispness in the air. These past couple weeks in Dallas has reminded me of my childhood fall experience and it has brought a new, creative energy along with it.

As we enter the holiday season, those who know me best know that I love anything festive! While I adore a good celebration, I should caveat that my seasonal home decor is more subtle than most. Anything too over the top doesn't feel authentic or cohesive to the rest of my home style.

In October I typically opt for a muted mum with some funky pumpkins by the doorway. On the interior, I will lean into using more home decor with wood tones, accessories with brown or rusts, and lots of candles. While my seasonal decor is more minimal, my main goal is to add an extra cozy layer to what is there day to day.

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is all the extra opportunities to host! Once again, this is a chance to style your home in a more festive way but I like to use items that will be functional in other months as well.

With this all in mind, this month's favorite things list are all focused on hosting or sprucing up your home with that extra layer of "cozy" for the fall.

  1. Tapered Candle Holder $39 I am in love with this large candle holder! Not only does it have a beautiful brass finish but it's thin enough that it can stay on a table for dinner parties. I hate when a beautiful centerpiece can't be enjoyed during a dinner party because it doesn't allow enough space to comfortably eat. This candelabra is the perfect dimensions to stand alone or in the midst of a 8 person dinner party!

  2. Walnut Scissors $25 Whether you're cutting florals for an arrangement or just in your day to day, these scissors are beautiful sitting out or tucked away. They have walnut wood handles and add a fun twist to an everyday item.

  3. Diffusers $28 Diffusers are a simple yet beneficial trick while hosting! You don't have to worry about leaving a lit candle in a bathroom or the scent over powering the food you just prepared. A diffuser can give your home a "signature scent" with minimal effort. I personally love anything santal -- it always smells expensive and inviting!

  4. Marble Bowl $17 The only thing better than dips at a party is getting to use cute bowls like these! They come individually or as a set. I also like to use these types of bowls for daily snacking or as a candy dish for overnight guests. Always good to have a few on hand.

  5. Teak Stand $55 How cute is she?? This stand is labeled as a plant holder but also is a stylish way to add some elevation to a food spread. The legs are funky and also display the beautiful wood grain variation. This is a staple fall decor piece, like I described earlier, that can also be used in any season.

  6. Door Mat $20 I am absolutely in love with layering doormats! Not only does it feel extra cozy for the holidays but it gives a more established look than a standalone mat. This fringe rug is a perfect hunter green that could easily transition into Christmas.

  7. Marble & Wood Charcuterie Board $50 Is it even a party without a decadent charcuterie board? I love this visual combination of marble with wood. Plus they have several size options even up to 30" long!

  8. Tree Print $10 Another trick to subtly decorate for fall is layering more seasonal art throughout the home. If you have a console with leaning frames or a gallery wall, I like to occasionally switch out the art to reflect what's happening outdoors.

  9. Wicker Lamp $198 Are you guys loving wicker lamps as much as I am? This is another piece that can seasonally display with your decor like the tree print. Once the holidays are over, I would find a more permanent place since it's such a stunning light feature.

I hope you've ben inspired for the upcoming holiday season! My prediction is we will continue to see a good number of sales as many retailers have over compensated for the past two years of shortages. Let me know if there's any home decor or gift guides you'd like to see in the coming months.

Sincerely, HMD


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