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My Favorite Things This Month: July

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Another month of Summer is down and we are one month closer to some cooler temperatures in Texas! Sometimes you have to celebrate the small things...

Below is an image from the monochromatic AirBnb we've been working on and I can't wait to share the full gallery. I love working across such a range of projects because it grows my creative thinking and I get to source such a wide variety of products.

While the summer months have been extremely busy - including full renovations, furnishing entire homes, and a few kid rooms - I still love to slow down and share some of my favorites for the month so that you can share in these findings!

  1. Ceramic Table Lamp $60 Target does it again with their lamps! I found this gem while shopping for a client and immediately knew I needed it in my own home. The knobs on either side are playful and the ceramic material feels earthy in the best way.

  2. Round Gold Hardware $19 I've been working on a number of kitchen remodels recently and I just love how hardware can set the tone in a space. These round knobs looks amazing paired up on a drawer or on its own on a cabinet door. It modernizes the space without becoming too trendy.

  3. Outdoor Colorful Pillow $49 I am always on the hunt for good outdoor pillows and this lumbar is such a fun colorful option! Plus it's not scratchy which has become more common place the past few seasons.

  4. Framed Art $50 I LOVE this piece of art! It reminds me of the English countryside and has so many fun, natural colors incorporated. It's a 30x24 which is pretty sizable especially for the price! See above for how this piece of art was incorporated in the "green" primary bedroom.

  5. Plug-in Sconce $149 A sconce can bring so much personality to a space and this one has all the charm. The pleated shade paired with the brass hardware makes it a big win! Plus it plugs in so no hardwiring needed.

  6. Scalloped Rug $99 I've had this rug on my list for quite some time. I love the scalloped detail around the edge - it feels playful yet modern. Plus the rug is made of wool which is best for layering heavy furnishings without any bunching. Urban Outfitters also offers a range of sizes making it perfect for any space!

  7. Marble Wall Mirror $599 Just wow. This is a statement mirror! The price recently went up - thanks inflation - but I still think it's a piece of art that's worth the investment. It would look amazing in an entryway or bedroom.

  8. Gold Art Deco Hardware $24/set I used this hardware recently on an IKEA dresser for a kids room and it made the piece look like it was from Pottery Barn! Why live with boring, typical hardware when you can spice up any piece of furniture at just $12/pull??

  9. Entry Table $ 250 Target has a whole line in this style of furniture and I'm loving this entry table. It's the perfect size, has the perfect amount of detailing and clean lines! If you need a place to throw your keys, this table is beautiful and affordable.

Hopefully you've been inspired to spruce up your home while the outdoors are still blistering. Can't wait to share more next month!

Sincerely, HMD


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