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Discover your art style & sources to buy them

This blog post most certainly isn't an art course that you would take in school. I'm not going to contrast expressionism versus futurism. The hope of this article is to show a variety of art styles and their sources to help you discover techniques you're drawn to. Maybe you'll even buy your first piece of original art for your home.

Before I begin the breakdown, why invest in original art? First, I want to acknowledge that buying art is a luxury not a necessity. But if you are in a phase of life where home decor is important then original art can personalize your space in a way that a piece of furniture simply can't. Art brings color, personality, and in the best cases a story to your space.

Many of the art sources I'm sharing have print and original canvas options. A print is simply a digital capturing of the original art that is replicated and sold for a fraction of the price. This is a good option for those on a budget. Yet even with technology advancements, nothing compares to the texture and movement of an original. Many of the artists I'm sharing are local to Dallas and Arkansas but I'd encourage you to find local artists in your area as well.

Modern Abstract Art

This style includes pieces that incorporate a combination of shapes and lines that don't depict anything real (i.e. people or landscapes). The beauty of abstract art is that much is left to interpretation and people are drawn to pieces for almost inexplicable reasons.

I love how ARTmine describes the skill of an abstract artist. "An abstract artist's skill lie in his or her ability to use colors and textures to their best visual strength and to create a sound composition from these elements."

Here are a few of my favorite abstract artists. Each image links to the artists website so check out their other work as well!

Lindsey Meyer Art - Dallas, TX

Jillian Zepeda - Dallas, TX

Talley Scott - Dallas, TX

Hope Miriam Designs

Landscape Art

These pieces of art can fall on a scale from abstract to realism but they all include some type of skyline or treescape. Nature has inspired art since the beginning of time but what makes the piece intriguing is the style capturing the landscape and how it makes the viewer feel.

Lindsey Meyer Art - Dallas, TX

Lindsay Letters - Sun Prairie, WI

Art by Rachel Grace - Fayetteville, AR

Color blocking

This subcategory falls within modern abstract art but is more distinct. As the name notates, colors are grouped together in blocks that also play with balance, space and hue. Many retailers will reproduce this type of art as it pleases a large audience and fits in many homes.

Chelsea McShane - Fayetteville, AR

Hope Miriam Designs - Dallas, TX

Animal art

This category may sound cheesy at first but a talented artist captures the essence of the inspiration. Like landscapes, animals have inspired artists for thousands of years and it can have a place in your home as well.

Artwork by Lisette - Conway, AR

Chelsea McShane - Fayetteville, AR

Good art makes us feel. And when a piece speaks to us, theres no comparison to something bought at Target or HomeGoods. Not all your art needs to be original pieces but consider beginning your collection once you find an artist and a piece that captivates you.

Know of other artists that should make this list? Share with us! We'd love to grow our network.




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