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Best Home Decor Dupes

A lesson we all learn through shopping is that somethings are worth the splurge and other things are marked up due to the branding. Quality is partially perceived by how well the product is made but also by what else is offered on the market.

Most of us have experienced this while shopping for clothing. Occasionally we find H&M has a designer quality item and it's not worth the extra $100 for the real designer label. The great part with clothing is the price tag is typically low enough that the buyer's remorse tends to be less risky. Furniture, on the other hand, is more expensive and should last more than a season which can make pulling the trigger more of a challenge.

A beautifully decorated home can incorporate the high-low game on different design elements. Splurge on that one-of-a-kind Turkish rug but save dollars with Target pillow covers. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite designer home decor "dupes" -- AKA affordable items on the market that are comparable to a high-end piece. One of the benefits of working with a designer is that we do so much research for various projects that we're able to pin point a deal and when an item is worth the splurge.

This first deal I actually own myself. The quality of the Living Spaces bed is great and most people assume it's from West Elm! Living Spaces also has various nightstands that complement the bed frame so it's worth checking them out.

The major difference on this light fixture is that the Serena & Lily pendant has a gold chain and is about 7 inches larger in diameter. This is one where the scale may make the difference in your decision but I love that the CB2 offering is so much more affordable. Both light fixtures are made from capiz (oyster) shells and are delicately interesting.

This deal shows exactly why I love the Studio McGee line at Target so much. You can buy items that look like McGee & Co. at a more accessible price point. Plus, I personally like the Target pillow more in this comparison. The largest difference between these pillows is that the Target pillow has a polyester fill and the McGee & Co. is just the cover. In both cases, you can purchase a down fill and upgrade the look. For more tips on buying throw pillows check out my other blog post!

Of all the faux trees on the market, olive trees have become one of the most trendy. At first everyone was buying the 7 foot, faux tree from Crate and Barrel. Now, a number of stores are providing similar offerings and I've never seen as good of a deal as the Target option. These two trees are both around 76" and can be placed in areas with no natural light!

I own this side table, in a slightly different shape, and it sits on our front patio. These metal tables are great because they bring depth to a space and are extra durable. The price difference isn't significant but why not save $55? That could buy some table decor to go with the set!

The chair offering above may mess with your head because Target is actually the more "expensive" brand. This example shows that it's always smart to shop around even if the item is offered at a store that's typically affordable.

On the flip side, I will have clients that rule out certain brands because they believe that they're out of their price range. Before you create these general rules, make sure you're thinking in sub-categories. Crate & Barrel can actually have affordable light fixtures compared to other brands and Living Spaces is pretty expensive when it comes to accent chairs.

My rule of thumb is to find an item that works for your space and then try a Google search to find similar items. This will give you confidence as you make the final decision and you may even find a variant that you like more!

Do you know of any good finds on the market? Would love to hear about your best home decor dupes!




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